Spring Mix 23′

I been meaning to write a blog post about music. I love love me some good music. You give me a ultimatum of anything in the world as Music has to be on the top of the list. Incase your wondering YES it is that serious lol. Every time I do anything I always incorporate music into it. I love listening to all types of genres. My favorite right now would be R&B. I love hearing about love and romancing from another perspective. I like the way the some songs start off with a mini interlude or an instrumental beat which is so dope to me. I also love when artist make their song a skit or do a visual video to it. I think that is so dope and cool. What is your favorite music to listen to? I also love the ending of a song. For example like a drake song the end of his song be so crazy good lol. What’s your favorite part of a song? When I was a kid I used to have my grandmother purchase me blank tapes and I had a headset and I used to record over them from my tape player. I really wish I still had those tapes to listen too. I wonder what I sang about? I just know I wanted to be a singer or have some kind of career that involved me with speaking. That was just my personality back then and even know as adult I still like to sing and speak which is so cute because all this time nothing changed but the way I listen to it since technology has changed everything. I have attached my Apple Music playlist for those who would l like to listen to what I have curated. I will also create a Pandora one for those who have that as well. I call this the Spring Mix 23″ its not all spring songs at all lol its mostly love songs but I curated it in the winter time so it’s being named after the season vs what type of playlist it really is. I hope you all enjoy the music vibes as much as I do. Until next time stay stylish!



Miss Ebony J.


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