Nail color vs Nail Shape..

What is your favorite nail color? I would have to say mine is white right now. It gives me fresh feels and good clean vibes that I be looking for. I used to wear em all different colors. I would pick a new color every two weeks. Some weekends I would get bored and be like I want a whole new color and the color or set wasn’t even old yet lol. I felt like it was some kind of self care so I always felt like I was treating myself vs wasting any $. I want to say it depends on my mood or the season too on what colors I be choosing. Currently as I write this blog post my nails are super short and I have a French tip. I went classic on my set this time for the next few weeks I wanted a certain look and feel. I actually type better when my nails are shorter so that helps a lot as well lol. I also love a good pedi and my toes always have to match my hands. Yes I am that extra girl when it comes to that. Now I will say I have defintely had mix matching nails and toes before. lol nothing wrong with it. So what is your favorite nail shape? I love a good coffin shaped nail that be so sexy to me. I also love a classic square as well. There are so many different shapes to choose from. I just love what feels good on me. Until next time stay stylish & keep them nails fresh! 💅🏽Lol


Miss Ebony J.


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