Starting over & something new.

The whole thought of starting over can be sooooooo scary! Lol like what who wants to do that it’s so uncomfortable but learning it’s worth it if you let it be. Something new can be very awkward because it’s not recognizable and it wasn’t apart of your original plan. But after allowing it and being open minded you can find happiness again. This blog is dedicated to everyone who has lost something they loved or someone they loved in 2022. Losing a loved one or losing something you loved isn’t easy no matter what the circumstances are. But it’s the memories and genuine love that will forever be in your hearts from it. Sometimes starting over can be so bad at the beginning. As time heals it can start to be the best thing that ever happened to you. So 🥂 to the new year may it be happy and filled with all the love. May everything you lost or had to start over from bring you everything you deserve in this next chapter called life… Until we meet again stay stylish and filled with love! 🖤✨




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