Finding something that belonged to you…

Have you ever had something so special like you just knew God made it just for you? Say you been searching high & low and never found what you been looking for and whole time it was with you or been around you at some point in your life but you just never caught it and finally got a taste of it again realizing you were missing out the entire time. Finding things again can be scary, make you nervous because its brand new again to you. But the joy in knowing you can get back familiar with it can bring you peace. I encourage all my readers to think of a time that you found something that gave you this joy or made you feel really good just having it as a good core memory again.

-Definition of Familiar :

1. well known from long or close association.”their faces will be familiar to many of you in close friendship; intimate.

P.S. I know I been mia from the blog but ya girl been handling business behind the scenes but I am still all in when it comes to blogger I just needed a mini break but I am back to give it all I got. If ya love ya girl #share #like #comment &&&&&& most certainly #subscribe to me! Until we meet again stay super stylish and safe , low-key if I was yawl I would still be wearing my mask out here in these streets just because.. But have a wonderful evening and I will see you on the next #blog.


Miss Ebony J.


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