That one time I wanted to be a Meteorologist…

Growing up I used to always remember sitting by the tv watching the news and seeing the different outfits the news anchors would wear and the different weather reports every other day they would give would always be so cool to me. I always wanted to know what the weather was like in my local area and surrounding areas that would affect my local viewing area. I was just a kid mind you like only 6-7 but very curious and wanted to know more about the weather and how to the world works. lol However as adult I still love to see the weather and now I am more tech savvy and now I watch the weather in other states that I have visited and plan to visit as well to catch the vibe of the weather and what to expect when I do travel. I was just journaling one day and came across the idea of a fun fact about myself but how I think its important to share the things you love to do you never know you may inspire someone else to love something. I hope you guys enjoy the post and I will be talking to you again really soon! I want to blog more but sometimes life gets in the middle were all human. Share with your friends and family and comment below your dream job and what that looks like as adult I want to hear back from you! Until we meet again stay stylish and peaceful!!!




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